The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Titre français : “Le vent se lève” – Long-métrage britannique . Genre : Drame , Historique – Réalisateur: Ken Laoch – Durée : 02h04min – Année de production : 2005 – Distributeur : Diaphana Films

The Plot :

In the early 20’s, Irish seem to be nothing but amusement for English military who dont hesistate to torturate in order to create a fear atosphere. Damien is decided to leave is country to study medecine… But his road reminds him the condition of his people… He won’t go.. He will prefer join his friends to fund an army to resist the Invader, his brother Teddy is already an active IRA member. But the frontier between relationships fades away as the war continues. Who is right and who is wrong, wen all are animated with passion, all fighting for freedm, but in opposite ways…

How it makes me feel:

Depainting war horror in its cuel easyness, Ken Loach makes us travel through History to understand a country

that has suffered pain and diseas, because of a lack of food and doctors…It sounds highly ironic how good an artist can be denouncing atrocity and crimes, making you fatally hate war, and then watch the tv news to realise that Peoples are not ready to evolve… What finally made already Picasso 70 years ago with Guernica is still necessary! It allows us to take conscience, that’s the role of art, above beautyness. The title of the movie is a reference to a song in which the main character, a young rebel abandonsed his relashionship and sank into violence associated with 1798 rebelion in Ireland. For those who don’t know yet, it’s just the "Palme d’Or 2006"…

The site to know a little bit more…

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